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Introducing Shea & Lavender Lip Butters!

Facial Ritual

Liquid Black Soap200,00 DKK

Black Soap has been used as a go-to-skin cleanser in African societies for centuries. African Black Soap may help soothe skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and improve skin t...

Rose Hydrosol150,00 DKK

Rose Hydrosol is heavenly and has been used in ancient African skincare since the time of Cleopatra. Our hydrosol is obtained from the steam distillation of hand-picked Damascen...

Baobab Oil250,00 DKK

Baobab Oil comes from the baobab tree, often called “the Tree of Life” or “Pharmacy Tree” in Africa. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, baobab oil is a lightweight oil that is ideal f...


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