Empowering Africans to be self-sustainable.

About us

AASAI is an Afro-Scandinavian family project delivering skin and body nourishers from Africa to the world. Our products are sourced and hand-made in direct and daily contact with local communities in Uganda & Kenya and packaged with love in Denmark. Having African traditions, wisdom and sustainability at heart, we seek to embrace the struggles, hopes and needs of young Afropean metropolitans. 

AASAI represents the continuity between the continent, its diaspora, the young, the old, and beyond — an alternative approach to skincare. 

Our story

The story begins in 2020, during the lockdown, on the Kenyan shores of Africa. There, our Kenyan-Danish founder, Brenda Roslyng, experienced an acne breakout — another episode in her endless journey of hormonal imbalance.

Nothing she tried came close to fulfilling a simple purpose: healing and nurturing the skin of a young, healthy, and active Black woman. So she decided to venture back to the traditional, plant-based and hand-made products her mother & ancestors have used since the dawn of time.

As the three-step ritual she designed worked so well on her, she decided to make those East African body nourishers available beyond the continent. And so, AASAI was.

Our values


In between worlds, AASAI merges Scandinavian minimalism & ancestral African traditions around the common value “less is more”

Our three-step ritual made of pure products suitable for anyone is an uncompromising commitment to balance simplicity, quality and affordability.


Our ancestors saw Nature as a Being and a part of ourselves.

In honour of their legacy, we are committed to preserving, nurturing and regenerating our environment. Sustainability is both a celebration of our cultural heritage and a way of caring for future generations. Therefore, our production is planet-conscious at every stage.

Humans hand-making skincare. Humans hand-packaging skincare.

Mental health

Skincare is soul-care.

At AASAI, we believe that feeling good on your skin can be the path towards feeling good in your skin. Our carefully-crafted goods are an invitation for everyone to turn their daily routine into a ritual of reconnection with themselves.


AASAI centers people.

AASAI is a family project driven by intergenerational wisdom where every individual voice is valued and every face is seen. We see beauty in community and privilege empowerment over charity. Therefore, transparency is not just a feature, but instead the driving force of our supply chain. 

Glow organically, 

From Farm to Skin, From Skin to Soul.