"I don’t know where to start from, but, actually, it is a talent that is in me, but I used to do design — like personal designs, make my own shoes, clothes, jewelry, and so on. In high school, I studied Fine Art, but I didn’t get a chance to specialize in it, like studying it at the University. I actually liked that career guidance because I did a different course, "Customs Clearing" for a diploma after my Senior 6. After that diploma, I still didn’t do any jobs in my career that is Customs Clearing and Forwarding, so I went to work as a hostess, or waitress, then I tried a few jobs but still inside of me I had this desire of making jewelry, I kept thinking “I can do that and I can do that” it was burning in me, but, I didn’t know where to start from anyway, because I had no idea and I was even like fearing myself “can I make something and people like it?” So, I was just there.

After some time I was home and I didn’t have any job actually, but that was after I had given birth to my children. My sister is married to Mr. Kamala who is from Tanzania, he is a miner, he deals with gemstones — before he was doing his personal business with different people, anyway after a while they opened up a shop a craft market, so that is how and they wanted someone to be there and since I was home and didn’t have a job at the time, I came in and started working with them. So he came with some beads and I tried and it was a gamble to try and figure out, because when I look at something I know I can make it, so I started with the strings of the stones that he would bring and I would turn them into necklaces, earrings, bracelets and yea, like that and as time went on I got the experience and then I got to know that this is done like this, I got to know like, this works like this and this works like that.  Because I just look at something and then I know how it is done, then when I had the accessories I could come up with my own designs.

Actually, the work that I started with is far different than the work I am doing now, I even just laugh at myself, anyway I am here and I know that this is me. You know that there is a difference between a work and a job? Sometimes you don’t have much money or what, but when you do something that you enjoy, that you like, there is that satisfaction. Because, I don't see myself doing something else or maybe I do, depending on the circumstances. Designing new jewelry, and new designs and challenging myself, because there are so many customers that come with photos and ask “can you make this?” and then I say, yes I can and then I just find myself doing them and making them more perfectly.

My dream is to have my personal store. I want to gain more knowledge of Goldsmiths, you know how the Indians do? The goldsmiths, work along with machines and get more knowledge on how they make the silver, the brass, and rings. I see the items and they’re already made and I cannot do that, but if I get that knowledge and I have my machines, I can do that and then make my own designs. Because when I look at them, I know I can do something better with the gemstones, I just want to get my own store. There was a time I applied for a scholarship... I had even forgotten. It was a scholarship where you could learn about carving,  working with silver, working with gold, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get through because it was somewhat expensive. That is my dream if I can get that knowledge. Because what I am doing, I have just taught myself, I have discovered to do it myself, so if I get the opportunity to study, then I get the best knowledge and it would be much better.

What does skincare mean to me? Well, it means that sometimes we tend to think that things will do themselves, that they just drive, like for me someone who is taking care of their skin, you mind what you eat, what you apply on your skin, what is important for your skin, yea like, you don’t just be and especially if you’re a lady and you’re growing up then you mind the appearance of your skin and what you apply to your skin.
Basically, I didn’t have a skincare ritual, but actually, a time came when I was getting many pimples and what, because I would just wake up and maybe when I go back I would wash and I didn’t apply anything. But, nowadays I have to. Before I used to have a cleanser and then apply a toner, when I stopped it was so dry and looked so bad. So now I do like in the evening I use a cleanser and then a toner, then in the morning I just wash it because my friend, she was one customer and she told me in the morning you don’t have to apply the cleanser as it will strip your skin and make you dry, so I do the cleansing in the evening and in the morning I just with water and then a cream."

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